JetAudio Basic

JetAudio Basic Version 8.1.3 Free

Advanced, multi-format supporting, music videos and movies playing software program

Don't you wish you could bring about world peace and ever lasting love between all the peoples of the Earth? Don't you wish you could unravel the mysteries of the universe itself, discovering unforeseeable truths regarding the very fabric of life? Don’t you wish you could eat all the Pizza you'll ever want? As none of the afore mentioned dreams will probably ever come to pass, why don’t we settle for a bit more down to earth dreams? In that tone, don’t you wish you could have a single tool for playing audio and video files, for burning them onto CDs, for recording and converting files? Oh my, we should all take a second to recompose.
Consider your prayers answered! JetAudio enables you to play various audio and video files, to burn such files onto CDs, to record, to convert files and to adjust files so they'll be compatible with mobile devices. JetAudio offers other features and advantages that make it a decent tool which will meet most of your average users' needs.
You may not be able to discover the origins of the universe or converse with god by using it, but still, you'll be able to do some neat things with it.
Users come first